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Eximbank waives all fees for "Online guarantee certificate lookup service"


Eximbank's "online guarantee lookup" is a service for customers and guarantee beneficiaries to look up, compare and check the legality of guarantee deeds directly on Eximbank's website as soon as possible. issued by Eximbank.
The service aims to help customers/guarantees save maximum time in looking up guarantee certificates issued by Eximbank, increase convenience for customers in production and business activities, and help promote quickly transact with partners and ensure the legal rights of the guarantee beneficiary. In particular, customers/beneficiaries can look up information immediately after Eximbank issues it and completely free of charge.

With this service, customers/guarantee beneficiaries only need to access the website, go to the "Look up guarantees online" Enter information including: guarantee certificate number, series number, security code according to the image instructions, the system will process and display the correct content of the guarantee certificate issued by Eximbank.
Customers do not need to go to Eximbank's transaction points to register a username and password but can immediately use the guarantee commitment and some information on the guarantee commitment to look up.
Eximbank always aims to meet the maximum needs and increase convenience for customers in transactions with Eximbank.
For more detailed information about products and services, please contact us Eximbank Branch/Transaction Office nearest or Customer Support Center (Call-Center): 18001199

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