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Eximbank waives 100% remittance fees for studying abroad

With the desire to provide parents, students, and students with feasible and economical financial solutions, Eximbank is implementing a promotion of 100% exemption of overseas study remittance fees for customers who send money or refer customers. Introduce new customers to transact at Eximbank who meet the following conditions:

- Individual customers deposit a minimum of 50 million VND with a deposit term/interest period of 6 months or more or 100 million VND with a deposit term/interest period of 3 months to less than 6 months at Eximbank

- Individual customers who have used the study abroad money transfer service at Eximbank introduce new customers to the study abroad money transfer transaction at Eximbank

In addition, Eximbank also offers a 100% exemption of study abroad money transfer fees for companies providing study abroad consulting services that cooperate with Eximbank through the program of free study abroad money transfer transactions for the 10th month.

All the details please contact us:

- Customer support center 39151515 or 1900545474

- Access website

- Contact the nearest Eximbank transaction point.”

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