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Eximbank visited and gave gifts to poor disabled children at Huong La charity house, Bac Ninh

On December 11, 2019, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) visited and gave gifts to 45 poor disabled children at Huong La charity house - Bac Ninh Province.

Living in Huong La village, Tan Lang commune, Luong Tai district, Bac Ninh province, Huong La charity house has been the home of 45 unlucky and disadvantaged people. Although it was not the first time coming here, each employee's emotions were filled with excitement and emotion at the unfortunate and abandoned situations. However, their faces still shine with optimism, joy, desire to live, desire to be loved and share dreams of good things.

Eximbamk representatives took souvenir photos with the children

With the desire to share with the children some of their difficulties and hardships and enhance the spirit of volunteerism and sense of responsibility in each employee, Eximbank has sent practical gifts with the desire to help them. as well as provide some additional economic support for Huong La charity house. Being exposed and close to children in many different circumstances helps employees feel the value of sharing love with each child, thereby enhancing the spirit of volunteerism in each Eximbank employee. We clearly understand that the bank must try harder to organize, mobilize, and call on benefactors to support the children more often and with more valuable spiritual and material gifts. meaning. That is also the culture that the Board of Directors and all employees of Eximbank have always preserved and promoted continuously for many years.

Eximbank staff organized interactive games with children

Previously, on September 12, 2019, Eximbank also carried out the charity program "Full Moon Festival" at Huong La charity house. At the program, bank staff organized many entertainment performances, games and feasts to interact with the children, and at the same time gave practical gifts with the desire to bring the children a happy Chinese New Year. The warmest, most complete, most meaningful autumn.

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