Eximbank upgraded the bill payment service interface to be more user-friendly and convenient.

You can pay bills such as electricity, water, cable TV, internet, postpaid mobile subscriptions, prepaid mobile subscriptions, insurance, hospital fees, tuition, apartment fees and other services. Other services by credit card and payment account are completely free through Eximbank's Internet Banking and Mobile Banking systems.

Bill payment will now become easier, when the Eximbank Mobile Banking application allows customers to add or save bill contacts after successfully paying the bill. If you have added or saved your invoice contacts, you just need to go to [Manage invoice contacts], select the invoice you want to pay, then proceed to pay without having to enter the invoice code each time. Pay as before.


With a diverse utility ecosystem, in addition to existing basic service providers, Eximbank always updates new services and providers to expand services and payment scope to serve customers. shop with utmost care. In the near future, Eximbank will deploy tuition collection services nationwide through Online Banking.

In particular, besides payment by account, Eximbank also deployed bill payment service by credit card. Customers will accumulate Eximbank Loyalty reward points to redeem for gifts when paying bills by credit card. To use the service, you just need to download the Eximbank Mobile Banking application on the App Store (For iOS operating system) or Google Play (For Android operating system), then go to the [Payment] function. invoice], select Customer Service to pay, select [Region], select [Supplier] to make invoice payment.

On June 15, 2022, Eximbank officially waived registration and lifetime use of Online Banking for individual customers who newly register for Online Banking. Accordingly, new customers opening a payment account for the first time at Eximbank will be provided with Online Banking service and will be free for life so that customers can conveniently transact anytime, anywhere with the bank's financial services. In addition, existing customers who have not previously registered for Online Banking service will also receive a lifetime free offer when registering for a new service.

Mr. Nguyen Huong Minh - Deputy General Director of Eximbank said that after the pandemic, the need to use electronic payment applications is increasing, people are also limiting their contact with cash more, therefore, applications Always updated and improved to not only meet many diverse needs, but also create convenience and increase user convenience. “We put the security of customers' information and assets first. In addition to warnings about fraudulent practices; Recommends customers to proactively protect personal devices and regularly change service access passwords. Eximbank also focuses on upgrading authentication methods to maximum protect customers' identities and rights. ”.