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Eximbank transfers money internationally on the Eximbank EDigi App

Eximbank has officially launched an online international money transfer channel for individual customers on the EXIMBANK EDIGI App.

In the digital age, money transfer is transformed from traditional forms to digital technology. With EXIMBANK EDIGI's outstanding features and advantages, customers can easily make international money transfers to any country in the world and proactively perform and track transaction status without having to pay. It takes time to transact directly at the bank.

When customers transfer money for studying abroad, allowances and foreign experts transfer salary back home on APP EXIMBANK EDIGI, customers have shared real-life experiences:


When I am a Depositor: transferring money online on the Eximbank EDIGI App helps me:

  • Transfer money quickly, safely and conveniently to any country in the world I want.
  • Be more proactive in the implementation process and do not take too much time to go to the Bank to do it like before.
  • I can upload documents and documents myself to send to the Bank for quick processing.
  • Proactively monitor and update transaction status after making a transaction.

When I am the Payee:

  • For me, the most important thing is that I can receive money quickly and safely.
  • Money transferred is credited directly to my account, helping me avoid the risks of moving large amounts of cash.
  • Save time and solve personal tasks quickly.

Foreign experts:

  • As a foreign expert coming to Vietnam to work in the IT industry, I often have to send money home to my family. With the international money transfer feature on the EDIGI App online channel, it has helped me transfer my salary back to my country quickly, safely and effectively.

I am very satisfied with Eximbank's online international money transfer channel and realize that the Vietnamese market is very developed in providing technological payment solutions to meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers. international.

In the era of digital technology with the continuous development of payment features, Eximbank is always committed to providing professional international money transfer services and providing customers with perfect experiences with solutions. digital technology payment solution.

For detailed information about the online international money transfer service on Eximbank EDigi, see here

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