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Eximbank supports people during the Corona epidemic season

Faced with the complicated developments of the Corona virus epidemic in recent days, Eximbank has drastically implemented epidemic prevention measures according to the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam and recommendations of the Ministry of Health for officials, employees and customers when coming to make transactions. Transaction at the bank.
However, currently, the epidemic is also disrupting the supply chain of many goods in the world as well as Vietnam, causing the economy to decline seriously. Specifically, currently the export of agricultural and aquatic products, especially vegetables and fruits, is facing difficulties when Chinese border gates and markets limit the exchange of goods until the end of February. To help people get through the period During this difficult time, on February 20, Eximbank organized a joint effort to support 01 ton of watermelons for people and donated all of these watermelons to the doctors and nurses at K Hospital - facility 2 Tuu Street. Liet, Tam Hiep ward, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi.

Eximbank representatives hope that the epidemic will end quickly so that people can trade goods stably again.

Eximbank representative shared about the program: "The melon giving ceremony went smoothly with a sincere welcome from the doctors and nurses at K hospital. We think this is a practical action and at the same time the heart of Eximbank's heart is with the desire to strengthen the team of doctors as well as patients in the fight against this epidemic. Through this activity, we hope to join hands to help farmers ease their burden. due to the impact of the epidemic on the consumption of agricultural products. Through the program, Eximbank wishes to contribute part of its responsibility to society, while encouraging the spirit of sharing in each Eximbank employee. to the community".

Eximbank staff distributed free watermelon to doctors and patients at K hospital.

In addition, implementing the State Bank's policy in limiting the increase in carriers of Corona virus infection, Eximbank is having a customer support program "Deposit money online - Receive gifts online", whereby Eximbank will give gift vouchers. Electronic voucher (E-Voucher) for customers participating in online savings for a 6-month term. Specifically, when customers open online savings on e-banking applications (Internet Banking and Mobile Banking), they will receive a notification from Eximbank with a link to receive an E-Voucher. For every 200,000,000 VND, you will immediately receive 01 Got it E-Voucher worth 100,000 VND to use for purchases from famous brands nationwide.

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