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Eximbank strengthens risk management and ensures the safety of deposit transactions

Implementing the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam in Official Dispatch No. 1126/NHNN-TTGSNH dated February 23, 2018 regarding ensuring safety of deposit transactions and savings deposits at credit institutions and Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank Vietnam Import ("Eximbank") has implemented the following contents:
1. Measures Eximbank has taken:

On February 28, 2018, Eximbank issued document No. 1538/2018/EIB/TB-TGD to all Divisions/Headquarters, branches, and transaction offices in the entire Eximbank system to implement instructions. of the State Bank in Official Dispatch No. 1126/NHNN-TTGSNH dated February 23, 2018 regarding ensuring safety of deposit transactions and savings deposits at credit institutions;
Eximbank has inspected and reviewed capital mobilization throughout the system. Accordingly, Eximbank has inspected all savings deposit withdrawals with large values ​​of 02 billion VND or more, especially the Reviewing customers with large deposits, partial withdrawals and authorized withdrawals to ensure that units comply with regulations on savings deposits;

Organize training courses on operational risks for Customer Service Department Leaders and Transaction Office Leaders throughout the system, whereby participating staff will be trained to improve management and control. for risks in mobilizing and paying customer deposits;
Enhance the role of direct transaction control levels to limit operational risks;
In addition, Eximbank also revised the following regulations to strengthen risk management:
On November 2, 2016, Eximbank issued Decision No. 5900/2016/EIB/QD-TGD on amending regulations on savings deposit operations at Eximbank, according to which when customers withdraw part of the principal and interest, Original documents must include a copy of the customer's savings card, with the signature of the teller and controller to serve as a basis for inspection and supervision;
On March 15, 2017, Eximbank issued a new operational process for savings and term deposits according to Decision No. 1759/2017/EIB/QD-TGD, adding additional regulations to manage risks related to related to savings deposits;
Eximbank also had documents No. 5179/2016/EIB/TB-TGD dated October 4, 2016; No. 4487/2016/EIB/TB-TGD dated September 6, 2016; No. 1648/2017/EIB/TB-TGD dated March 10, 2017 on correcting operations, complying with regulations on savings deposits at Eximbank and strengthening measures to prevent fraud risks in money transactions saving;
Decision No. 1399/2017/EIB/QD-TGD dated February 28, 2017 Instructions for opening and using payment accounts;
Notice No. 4114/2016/EIB/TB-TGD dated August 17, 2016 regarding standardization of authorized CIF, guardian CIF, seal sample and instructions on Korebank;
Notice No. 3541/2017/EIB/TB-TGD dated June 7, 2017 Instructions related to authorization documents.
Applying IT for customers to proactively check their accounts: Currently, Eximbank is providing convenient services via electronic means so that customers can proactively manage and check their own account information. including Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS banking (query/receive messages about balance fluctuations of payment accounts). In particular, on December 12, 2016, Eximbank launched the service "Notification of changes in deposit and term savings balances". This is a service that automatically sends messages notifying balance changes as soon as deposit or withdrawal transactions occur in term savings accounts registered by customers. Since June 2017, Eximbank has deployed an IT application so that customers can register for this service via phone message (send to number 8149), in addition to registering at the counter. This registration syntax is also shown on the customer savings book for customers to proactively implement. And especially, when canceling the service, the system automatically notifies customers via text message;

Mobilize and assign a member of the Executive Board to concurrently serve as Director of Ho Chi Minh City Branch to strengthen bank administration.

2. Measures Eximbank will continue to implement in the coming time:

On March 29, 2018, Eximbank issued Official Dispatch No. 2191/2018/EIB/TB-TGD supplementing regulations on fingerprint authentication registration when preparing authorization documents, applicable to customers. individuals, accordingly when a customer creates a document authorizing another person to use the account, in addition to complying with current regulations on authorization, the branch or transaction office must request the authorizer and authorized person to register for Eximbank's fingerprint authentication;
Rotating officers in charge of customer records, accordingly, Eximbank will rotate officers managing customer records and approval controllers within the same Branch and Transaction Office. Eximbank even has a policy of considering rotating controllers between branches and transaction offices in the same area; rotate leadership staff at business units;

Deploy a mobile director mechanism to operate on behalf of the existing branch director for a certain period of time to check and detect errors in the branch's operations for timely correction;
Issue strict sanctions to deter officers and employees to limit errors in the operational process;
When registering and using authorization, customers will register for the SMS service notifying changes in the authorized account so that customers can promptly manage and monitor transactions performed by the authorized person;
For balance confirmation for large customers, it will be performed by Eximbank Head Office (when customers request) in writing or via email or SMS;
Additional regulations for scanning and saving authorization documents on the corebanking system;
Building an application to query the balance of savings deposits and term deposits on Eximbank's website. Specifically:
Customers will register the service with Eximbank only once;
After that, customers can go to the website to look up information on savings deposits and term deposits after completing the information prescribed by Eximbank.

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