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Eximbank signed an agreement to deploy new updates to the Core Banking system with Infosys

Today, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Eximbank and Infosys signed to deploy Infosys Finacle Core Banking software solution to gradually replace the currently used Core Banking system. It is known that after implementing the Core Banking solution, it will help Eximbank create a breakthrough in exploiting banking products and services, develop more services, products and manage internal management more closely and effectively. .

Mr. Pham Huu Phu - General Director of Eximbank represented the signing of the contract with Infosys,
Mr. Venkatramana Gosavi - Vice President in charge of sales for Asia - Pacific and Africa.

Core Banking software solution is considered the nucleus and center of the information system in a banking system and many other financial systems. Core Banking's technology platform creates huge changes in the banking system's operations, demonstrating the bank's technological strength, determining product diversity, and the ability to expand the business network. business, diversifying service channels. Speaking at the Signing Ceremony, Mr. Trinh Dinh Cuong - Deputy Director of the State Bank of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Branch said: "For Eximbank, this is the bank that implemented Core Banking relatively early in the area and today also is the unit that will soon deploy changes to the Core Banking system to meet the higher development needs of Eximbank in the coming time. I believe that Eximbank and Infosys will succeed in implementing the system. Core Banking Finacle according to the proposed plan brings more and more benefits to customers and Eximbank."

Eximbank representative shared: "After more than 25 years of operation, Eximbank is currently one of the leading banks in Vietnam and is considered one of the financial institutions with strong growth in providing financial services. Prestigious and quality products and services based on modern information technology to serve the community. Along with the sustainable development strategy with innovation as the core, Eximbank is continuing to constantly improve competitiveness and innovation is a long-term investment to create more benefits for businesses and customers, realizing expectations for the future. As it develops more strongly, customers' need to use high-tech banking products and services is increasing, requiring Eximbank to choose appropriate technology solutions for themselves. Therefore, Eximbank decided to choose Core Banking software solution called Finacle from Infosys, part of the versatile Core Banking solution set, providing wholesale and retail banking operations, capital management and trade, with Support online transaction processing".
Evaluating the solution, each software solution has its own advantages, especially Infosys's Core Banking Finacle has the following advantages: Modern and updated technology platform and architecture; High modularity and parameterization help banks easily develop banking products and services, have flexible expansion capabilities, and support the expansion of branch networks in the future; Providing comprehensive, real-time online transaction processing capabilities, supporting multi-language, multi-currency international business requirements, minimizing end-of-day, month-end and end-of-month processing run times. end of the year; Banks can easily control the process of operating the system and developing banking products and services, and deploying the system across the bank, helping to save time and resources for deployment.

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