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Eximbank signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Doreming company

On November 13, 2019, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially signed a memorandum of cooperation with Doreming Asia Co., Ltd. (Doreming), a unit specializing in providing management solutions. Human resource management and real-time salary payments to employees, helping to optimize the operating and human resources costs of the business.
This cooperation is also part of the bank's digital development orientation in financial activities to closely connect with customers, thereby improving service quality and Eximbank customer satisfaction.
Currently, Doreming is a fintech company ranked 68th out of 100 Fintech companies globally by KPMG.

Mr. Tran Tan Loc (Left) - Deputy General Director of Eximbank represented the signing with Mr. Hiromitsu Kuwahara - General Director of Doreming Asia Pte. Ltd.,

Evaluating the signing of the above cooperation agreement, Mr. Tran Tan Loc - Deputy General Director of Eximbank, Representative of Eximbank said: "Currently in Vietnam, companies are increasingly concerned about the rights and welfare of workers. in order to retain talented people. In addition to applying competitive salary policies, companies are also interested in the most convenient and quickest way to pay employees. To meet that demand, Eximbank will cooperate with Doreming to provide salary payment services through applications for the bank's customers in the near future. We look forward to cooperation between the two parties in the near future. will be successful and create a lot of value for our customers."
Eximbank and Doreming initially agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to agree on principled issues, creating a premise for implementing the next steps to be able to move towards signing an official agreement. Representative of Doreming Co., Ltd., Mr. Hiromitsu Kuwahara - General Director said that this is not the first time Doreming has cooperated with a Vietnamese bank, therefore, with the experience and knowledge it has, Doreming wishes to bring all including Japanese technological capacity to meet Eximbank's management requirements in the Vietnamese market, and at the same time contribute to the bank's development in the coming time.

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