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Eximbank recommends avoiding loan fraud tricks

Dear Customer,
First of all, Vietnam Import-Export Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Eximbank) would like to sincerely thank our customers for trusting and choosing to use our Bank's services during the past time.
With the strong development of consumer financial services, forms of fraud and deception also tend to increase as criminals grasp the psychology and take advantage of customers' trust. to carry out sophisticated fraud tricks to appropriate assets, causing damage to  customers and Eximbank's reputation and brand.
Recently, Eximbank has received a lot of feedback from customers about continuously receiving fake messages and documents using bank information such as Eximbank's logo, seal, and business code information. with the content of agreeing to lend even though the customer has no need or has not contacted before.
Accordingly, the subjects informed that customers would receive the loan amount approved by Eximbank, but before receiving the money, customers were required to transfer a small amount of money to offset the travel costs of the support staff. support or to confirm the correct customer needs a loan. After the customer transfers money as requested, these subjects will block contact and appropriate this money.
Therefore, to avoid unnecessary losses, Eximbank recommends that customers absolutely:

SHOULD go to Eximbank transaction points when you need to use the bank's services.
SHOULD contact the nearest Branch or Transaction Office or contact the Bank via hotline 18001199 to verify messages, texts or requests from individuals claiming to be bank employees.
DO NOT provide personal information to strangers without clearly identifying yourself.
DO NOT transfer money, provide card information, OTP code upon request from STRANGE calls claiming to be bank employees or banking partners, or requesting access to a strange website.
DO NOT follow any request before verifying the information.

We wish you always have good health, luck and success.
Best regards,
Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank


The fake application form customers received is not from Eximbank

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