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On the morning of March 28, 2023, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) received the "Excellent International Payment Quality" award from Wells Fargo Bank of the US.

This is an award recognizing Eximbank's excellent quality in automatically processing international payment transactions (money transfers to customers) in 2022. The award is awarded based on uniformly applied standards nationwide. Wells Fargo's demand is based on the quantity of payment electricity and the quality of payment electricity is processed automatically throughout. Wells Fargo Bank awards this award annually to banks that have a large number of international money transfer payments transferred through Wells Fargo and achieve a high standard rate of over 95%. Accordingly, in recent years, the electricity rate meeting Eximbank's standards at Wells Fargo has always been above 99%.

This award is recognition of one of the leading foreign financial institutions in the world and Eximbank's reputation for speed in processing payment and remittance transactions is increasingly enhanced according to international standards to Meets customer needs well.

Mr. Dao Hong Chau - Deputy General Director (4th from the right) represented Eximbank to receive the award from Ms. Andriyana Sastra - Director of Customer Consulting Department, Global Treasury Management Services of Well Fargo.
This is the 12th consecutive year that Eximbank has received this prestigious award not only from Wells Fargo but also from many other international banks thanks to its high rate of seamless payments.
Previously, in January and February 2023, Eximbank also received similar awards from Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan. Eximbank's STP ratio at Bank of New York over the years has reached over 98%, and JPMorgan Chase's is 99%. With strict review criteria to provide the most accurate and fair results, Eximbank is therefore proud to be one of the banks in Asia as well as globally to achieve these excellent ratios.
“In 2022, Vietnam's economy recovers after the pandemic while the world economy slows down due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and high inflation... However, Eximbank has made efforts to focus resources and invest for technology to ensure high quality international payment services and meet the international payment needs of customers. Wells Fargo's award to Eximbank is a continued recognition of the efforts of the Eximbank system with outstanding strengths in international payment activities in Vietnam. In addition, Eximbank continues to improve service quality and improve international payment processing processes, to bring more direct benefits to customers and partners" - Mr. Dao Hong Chau - Deputy General Director Eximbank representative director shared.
After more than 33 years of operation, Eximbank is considered one of the leading financial institutions in Vietnam for international payment activities and foreign exchange business. The Bank will continue to promote its strengths to provide reputable and high-quality products and services based on modern information technology to serve the community. Along with the sustainable development strategy, taking innovation as the core, Eximbank is constantly improving competitiveness and innovation to create many benefits for businesses and customers, realizing expectations in the future. future.
Recently, Eximbank set a target plan for 2023: Total assets reached 210,000 billion VND, an increase of 13.5% compared to 2022; Capital mobilization is expected to increase by 11% to 165,000 billion; Outstanding credit balance  increased by 12.3% to 146,600 billion. This credit growth target will be implemented under conditions permitted by the State Bank; Target pre-tax profit is 5,000 billion, up 35%.
On April 14, 2023, Eximbank will submit to the General Meeting of Shareholders a plan to increase charter capital. Specifically, the bank plans to issue 265.5 million shares to pay dividends, thereby increasing charter capital to more than 17,469 billion VND. The issuance rate is 18%. Capital is made from the accumulated remaining profits of the previous year (by the end of 2021) and profits of 2022 after setting up funds.

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