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Eximbank received the Vietnam Promising Bank Award 2023

At the recent Asiamoney Awards 2023 held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center (Singapore), with the participation of more than 180 delegates from 40 leading businesses and financial institutions in Southeast Asia, Eximbank is honored to receive the Vietnam Promising Bank award in the Best Bank 2023 category.

With 34 years of experience in international payment activities, foreign exchange trading and trade assistance, Eximbank has nationwide coverage with 213 branches and transaction offices. With the best electronic trading platform, Eximbank has connected the bank's headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City with a network of satellite branches as well as established agent relationships with nearly 900 financial institutions. internationally in 70 countries worldwide.

In recent years, Exinbank has been making efforts to digitally transform and restructure to improve the Bank's operational performance. Specifically, in October 2022, Exinbank attracted the industry's attention when it launched the Exinbank EDigi banking application - a combination of Internet and Mobile banking platforms. With outstanding simple access authentication technology, users can use fingerprint or face to perform banking transactions. According to Asiamoney, it is this digital capability of the bank that led to the decision to award the Promising Bank in Vietnam award to Eximbank.

Eximbank EDigi is an open platform, allowing users to perform a variety of financial transactions – 24/7 money transfer, online account management and bill payment. Users can also purchase online goods as well as entertainment services. Customers can book flights, hotels, taxis, trains and movie tickets using the QR Payment feature, which is quite superior in the domestic market.

Mr. Vu Duc Hai (right) representative of Eximbank received the logo from Asiamoney representative

At the same time, Eximbank is currently expanding all of the bank's core business areas on the path to digital transformation. This has become a significant part of the bank's success in differentiating itself from its competitors, while avoiding the economic fluctuations that often cause adverse impacts on Vietnam every three to five years. year. The bank's ambition is to become the top choice of experts when coming to work in Vietnam as well as to cooperate closely with domestic fintech companies.

According to Asiamoney, looking at how banks are adjusting their business lines and investing in the future, Eximbank can be seen as a typical example in the economic trajectory of any country.

On September 22, 2023, Eximbank was also awarded the title "Top 10 pioneering enterprises implementing digital technology" from the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association. This is a recognition of Eximbank's contribution in the field of digital banking with Eximbank E-Digi service products, which have contributed to affirming the bank's efforts in developing a high-quality digital ecosystem to serve customers. row.
Currently, Eximbank is one of the banks that still maintains a long-standing base of individual and corporate customers who have always accompanied the bank for a long time, especially corporations and import-export corporations. Leading in Vietnam.

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