Eximbank received the Throughout International Payments award

On March 28, 2013, Vietnam Export-Import Bank - Eximbank was honored to receive the award "International Payments Throughout 2012" awarded by Bank of New York Mellon. With the goal of serving customers' needs better and shortening time with the lowest cost, Eximbank always tries to improve its knowledge and skills to further improve the rate of electronic payment throughout. .

From Eximbank's continuous efforts, Bank of New York Mellon awarded the Transparent Payment Award to Eximbank in 2012. This award is recognition of a long-standing and prestigious foreign financial institution. credibility on the quality of Eximbank's automatic payment electricity. At the same time, it is also an affirmation of Bank of New York Mellon's desire to further tighten the relationship between the two banks for the mutual benefit of customers of both sides.