Eximbank's announcement


Eximbank received the Best Annual Report award in 2013

On July 25, 2013, Vietnam Import-Export Bank - Eximbank was honored to receive the Best Annual Report award from Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, Hanoi Stock Exchange and Dau Tu Newspaper. Awarded.

According to the Annual Report Voting Council, in 2013 there were nearly 600 annual reports of businesses listed on two exchanges that participated in submitting votes. With reasonable content and layout, compliance with regulations, meaningful Thoughtful, clear, easy to understand, easy to compare and contrast, impressive presentation format of Eximbank's Annual Report was selected by the Board of Examiners as one of the Top 20 Best Annual Reports of 2013.

As a bank that has listed its shares on the stock market, Eximbank always pays attention to and promotes information transparency. Therefore, Eximbank's Annual Report has been continuously highly appreciated by the Voting Council in the past 3 years.

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