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Eximbank received the award "Best trade finance service provider in 2014" from Euromoney magazine

In January 2015, Vietnam Export-Import Bank - Eximbank was just announced by Euromoney magazine that it had won the award "Best trade finance service provider in Vietnam" (this result was posted on January 2015 edition of Euromoney).
This award has been organized by Euromoney magazine since October 2014 in the form of an online survey of customers of financial institutions globally with the program "Trade Finance Survey 2014", based on based on customer nominations, the percentage of customer transactions made with the bank and ratings for each service category.
Therefore, the award results represent customers' objective and independent assessment of trade finance services provided by banks, demonstrating the level of reputation as well as the amount of transactions performed by customers. with the bank.
For the Vietnamese market, Eximbank entered the top 3 best trade finance service providers in 2014, second only to 2 foreign banks providing trade finance services in Vietnam: Deutsche Bank. and HSBC. That also means that among Vietnamese domestic banks, Eximbank has received the highest trust and attention from customers.
Previously, Eximbank had won a number of international awards such as "Best Domestic Bank in Vietnam 2012" by AsiaMoney magazine, "Best Bank in Vietnam 2013" by Euromoney magazine, "Best Bank in Vietnam 2013" by Euromoney magazine, "Best Bank in Vietnam 2013" by Euromoney magazine. "Best Bank in Vietnam 2013" by The Asian Banker magazine and "Best Bank in Vietnam 2014" by Euromoney magazine.
In 2015, with the voting results of Euromoney Magazine - a prestigious international magazine in the financial sector, Eximbank was selected as the leading Vietnamese domestic bank for the "Financial Service Provider" award. Best Trade Aid 2014". This is a great honor for Eximbank in the specialized field of trade finance, which is a strength associated with Eximbank's brand in the banking and financial market. The award will be a motivation for Eximbank to continue striving to further improve its image and reputation with import-export customers, domestic and foreign banks.

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