Eximbank's announcement


Eximbank received approval from the State Bank to open 4 more branches and 4 transaction offices

Recently, the State Bank of Vietnam issued an official dispatch approving Eximbank's eligibility to establish 04 branches in the provinces: Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Binh Dinh and Dong Thap and 04 Transaction Offices: Huong Thuy Transaction Office (Hue Branch), Transaction Office Phuoc Binh (Binh Phuoc Branch), Hon Dat Transaction Office (Kien Giang Branch), Gia Rai Transaction Office (Bac Lieu Branch).

Eximbank has fully met the current regulations of the State Bank in establishing branches. With this approval, Eximbank's operating network will be 215 business units serving customers.

By being licensed by the State Bank to open 04 new branches and 4 transaction offices, Eximbank will accompany people and businesses in these localities, especially focusing on developing key industries according to the specific economic characteristics of the country. each location.

Impressive business growth

2022 was a year of impressive business growth for Eximbank, specifically: Profit before tax last year reached 3,709 billion VND.

Most of Eximbank's business segments had positive profits last year. In addition, net interest income increased over the same period. Profit from service activities reached 514 billion, up 19%, profit from foreign exchange trading increased 54% to 606 billion VND. Profit from other activities (mainly from debt collection and settlement) increased 68% to 428 billion. Profit from securities trading activities was less positive, reaching 87 billion VND.

To achieve such positive profit results, in addition to income from loan interest, Eximbank has promoted the growth of payment services, debt collection activities and sharply cut operating costs to support interest rates. for customers. Eximbank is currently one of the banks that still maintains a long-standing base of individual and corporate customers who have always accompanied the bank for a long time, especially leading corporations and import-export corporations in Vietnam. Vietnam.

Another reason for Eximbank's impressive growth this year is thanks to reducing provision costs over the same period, cutting operational costs to support customers with an increasingly expanding scale.

Thanks to that, to meet the needs for capital and banking and financial services in localities with many individuals and businesses operating in industrial parks, areas serving import and export activities, The locality has requested and received permission from the State Bank of Vietnam for Eximbank to open 04 new branches and 04 transaction offices in the above areas.

One of the highlights at the bank is that despite impressive business results, Eximbank still focuses on operational safety. The bank always ensures to maintain a solid capital adequacy ratio with a strong capital adequacy ratio. CAR according to Circular 41 is always maintained at 12-13% (according to current State Bank regulations, the minimum is 8%), the ratio of short-term capital used for medium and long-term loans remains around 20-21%. % (SBV regulations are =< 34%) ensuring very high safety liquidity buffers against market fluctuations, if any.

Eximbank's Board of Directors has also just announced the 2023 business plan to submit to the general meeting of shareholders. Accordingly, Eximbank's Board of Directors approved the proposal of the bank's executive board on the 2023 business plan.


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