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Eximbank received an important award from Visa, affirming its creativity and outstanding vision

At the Visa Vietnam Customer Conference held with the theme "Elevate Boundless Experiences - Enhancing Unlimited Experiences" taking place in Hoi An City (Quang Nam) at the end of November 2023, Eximbank was honored to welcome 02 important awards.

The award "First Signature Credit Card Design With Special Lighting Effect 2023 - First Signature Credit Card Design With Special Lighting Effect 2023" marked Eximbank's creativity and continuous innovation in investment. technology. With a unique glowing effect, Eximbank has created a difference in the Signature card line, affirming that credit cards are not only a payment tool but also a symbol of sophistication and class, enhancing customer experience. row.

The "Inspirational Award for Vietnam Women Sport Spirit 2023" award is a symbol for Eximbank in promoting the spirit of sport in the Vietnamese women community. All of our resources are directed towards creating inspiration for society, contributing to affirming the role and value of women in all fields, including sports.

These awards are proof of Eximbank's outstanding commitment and vision. We will continue to strive to provide the best quality products and services. Eximbank always focuses on providing comprehensive and convenient financial solutions for customers. Affirming to be a reliable partner in realizing customers' financial goals.

Over the past years, Eximbank has continuously diversified products and services, and applied new advanced technologies to help ensure safety and convenience for customers in transactions. Eximbank doesn't just stop at providing services, we also offer diversity in our credit card product portfolio. Like the Visa Signature card line, it is not only beautiful with a modern design, but also offers customers many attractive incentives, reaching the pinnacle of credit card incentives.

After more than a year of launching the Eximbank Priority Visa Signature credit card line with cashback incentives and classy services in tourism - restaurants - hotels and education - training..., this new card line has received recognition. interest of many VIP customers. “When spending with this new Visa card, I receive a refund of up to 24 million VND. This is the highest cashback benefit reserved for Eximbank's most senior customers that I know of." A VIP customer shared.

Mr. Nguyen Ho Hoang Vu, Deputy General Director of Eximbank, said that after nearly 30 years of cooperation with Visa card organization, the two sides have jointly launched Eximbank - Visa branded card lines with many utilities, meeting the needs of customers. needs of different customer segments.

"We want to work with our partners to reach further into the global value chain, opening a completely new phase of cooperation, which further strongly promotes the digital payment trend and brings many solutions. useful for consumers. Especially during this period, Eximbank is transforming strongly in digital transformation in the banking and finance sector". With the Visa Signature card, you not only own a credit card but also own all the classy experiences brought by Eximbank - Mr. Vu shared.

With Eximbank's Visa Signature card, every trip and every transaction is a classy experience.

Enjoy cashback value of up to 24 million VND per year. From daily transactions to big plans, Eximbank turns all your spending into benefits.

The gift is an Accor Plus Explorer card worth 6 million VND.

Free annual fee for the first year.

Peace of mind when traveling with a free travel insurance package up to 10.5 billion VND.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of domestic lounges at more than 20 airports nationwide with professional priority pick-up and drop-off services.

Receive hundreds of attractive offers from Eximbank's partners such as CellphoneS, Vietnamese American Society (VUS), New World hotel, Vietnam Airlines and more...

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