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On July 16, 2022, Eximbank was honored to receive the title "Top 20 leading brands and Vietnamese Gold products in 2022" with the Eximbank Mobile Banking application.

The title "Top 20 leading brands, Vietnamese Gold products" is organized annually by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and is also a prestigious title in the business community, supported and agreed upon by many businesses. Recently, the award ceremony was broadcast live on Hanoi Radio and Television. The award is Eximbank's commitment and assurance to customers about outstanding product quality, perfect service as well as transparent production and business activities.

In recent times, Eximbank has continuously strived to demonstrate value through superior products and services, especially technology products that help customers optimize time and costs while still ensuring security and safety. Ensuring quality in transactions. In the past 2 years, the Covid-19 epidemic has been the reason for changing traditional payment habits, promoting the explosion of non-cash payment methods.

Because of seeing the growing needs of customers, Eximbank focuses on investing, promoting the development of e-banking products and services, deploying and integrating many outstanding new features to help customers easily perform banking activities. Now transact right at home/work at any time, reduce paperwork-related procedures, and easily track the processing process right on your phone device.

Eximbank representative received the award from the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association.

Over the past year, Eximbank officially launched the customer loyalty program - Eximbank Loyalty as a gift of gratitude as well as increased convenience for customers - those who have accompanied and stuck with Eximbank throughout its development journey. . Eximbank Loyalty is integrated into Eximbank's electronic banking service (Internet Banking/Mobile Banking), accordingly, customers will accumulate bonus points when using products and services such as: Insurance, savings deposits , loans, foreign money transfers, international credit/debit cards, etc. Customers' accumulated points can be exchanged for vouchers and physical gifts with rich value, widely used at many reputable brands across the country such as: Highland Café, Phuc Long Café, Koi Milk Tea, Grab , Grab Food, Golden Spoon Culinary System, Red Sun, Agoda, Vietnam Airlines,... In addition, the program also continuously implements periodic promotional programs with many incentives and attractive products such as: God of Wealth Gold Exchange, March 8, Combo for vacation travel, Eximbank Loyalty Special Day to exchange gifts. endow,..

“Eximbank's products and services are always oriented towards common values, focusing on customers. Accordingly, outstanding features are fully exploited to suit many different requirements of individual customers as well as corporate customers. 2022 is the year of transformation and development of digital banking, therefore, Eximbank has invested heavily in the IT field, aiming to gradually consolidate and stabilize the IT system, ready for accelerated business development. ; Digitize to reduce transaction processing time. Eximbank always strives constantly to improve technology quality for the benefit of customers, towards an advanced society and a cashless economy" - Mr. Nguyen Huong Minh - Deputy General Director in charge of Division IT & Culture Eximbank shares.


On June 22, 2022, Eximbank received the "Excellent International Payment Quality" Award from JP Morgan Bank. This is an award recognizing Eximbank's results in automatic processing of international payment messages. Accordingly, the bank's international payment wire ratio throughout 2021 is 99.66%.

Eximbank has more than 33 years of experience in international payment activities, foreign exchange trading and trade finance, with more than 800 agent banks in 70 countries and territories. In recent years, the world's leading banks such as JP Morgan, Bank of New York Mellon, Wells Fargo, and CitiBank have awarded Eximbank awards for excellent international payment quality.




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