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Eximbank provides interbank money transfer service via card

With the orientation of constantly increasing convenience for customers in general and Eximbank domestic cardholders in particular, Eximbank has coordinated with Smartlink Card Services Joint Stock Company to deploy interbank money transfer service via card for customers. .

Accordingly, from September 14, 2011, Eximbank customers can:

- Use a payment deposit account (VND or foreign currency) opened at Eximbank to transfer money to cards issued by other banks through Eximbank's Internet Banking channel.

- Use domestic cards (V-TOP cards, anonymous prepaid cards, co-branded cards, etc.) issued by Eximbank to receive money transferred from other banks.

Service amenities:

- Transactions are made easily and quickly.

- No need to go directly to the bank to make transactions, make transactions through Eximbank Internet Banking 24/7.

- The beneficiary cardholder receives the transferred money immediately at the time of transfer.

- Service usage limit:

Transfer money:

+ Maximum transfer amount/transaction: 30 million VND.

+ Maximum number of money transfers/day: 05 times.

Receive remittance: Remittance limit depends on the regulations of the remitting bank.

Service fee: Customers are exempted from Eximbank for interbank money transfer via card in the first month of service deployment from September 14, 2011 to October 14, 2011. Note: Eximbank customers can transfer money to cards issued by banks in the Smartlink alliance, initially Vietcombank, Sacombank and ACB.

For more detailed information about Eximbank's services, please contact: Nearest Branch/Transaction Office; or refer to website; or call 24/7 Card Service: (08) 38 21 00 51.

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