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Eximbank participated in the 11th Vietnam Festival in Japan

On May 19, the 11th Vietnam Festival in Japan was opened at Yo-Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan.
This is an annual cultural event since 2008 and takes place over 2 days from May 19-20, 2018. However, this year's Festival has special meaning on the 45th anniversary of establishing relations between the two countries with the desire to deepen the friendship and cultural exchange between citizens of both countries.
In this event, Dcom Money Express (DCOM) - Eximbank's strategic partner in Japan, participated as a Platinum Sponsor with thousands of attractive and practical gifts for customers who registered to participate. Experience DCOM's services at the festival. This is a company specializing in providing money transfer services with a customer segment that is mainly foreigners living and working in Japan. Currently, with a global payment network of more than 327,000 locations, DCOM is a reliable, professional service provider with fast money transfer methods and competitive prices.

In Vietnam, DCOM has had 4 years of attachment and development with Eximbank with the strategy: Customers are the focus - Reliable service. Currently, DCOM and Eximbank provide all customers with remittance payment services within just a few minutes.
Ms. Dao Thi Khanh Trang (IT employee working in Japan), a festival attendee, said: "I have used DCOM services for 3 years since I first came to Japan. I see money transferred very quickly, often Then in about 10 minutes, my parents can go to Eximbank in Vietnam to receive money immediately. Furthermore, I like the service here because you guys support very quickly and enthusiastically, even if the recipient is Eximbank Vietnam, the family My feedback is very good and satisfied. Therefore, I will continue to use Dcom's services if I stay to work in Japan."
Coming to this Festival, with systematic investment in organization, brand image, and personnel, DCOM and Eximbank have coordinated to promote money transfer services from Japan to Vietnam. At the same time, Eximbank has the opportunity to conduct field surveys and introduce to visitors remittance services in the Japanese market.
According to the Organizing Committee, this year's festival with 100 booths is expected to attract more than 200,000 attendees.

Even though it was sunny, there were many visitors learning about DCOM & Eximbank's remittance services.

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