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Eximbank organizes "Full Moon Festival" for poor disabled children at Huong La charity house, Bac Ninh

Continuing to promote the spirit of "Good leaves protect torn leaves", contributing to the general development of the social community, on September 12, 2019, Eximbank implemented the charity program "Eximbank on the full moon festival night". " at Huong La charity house - Bac Ninh Province.

With a history of more than 100 years, Huong La charity house in Huong La village, Tan Lang commune, Luong Tai district, Bac Ninh province has been the home of 45 unfortunate people. This is a shelter for children abandoned by their parents, a refuge for children with paralysis, disabilities, deformities, intellectual disabilities, and extremely difficult circumstances, some of whom can only lie down. immobile, unable to communicate. The facilities here are mainly obtained through sponsorship from philanthropists inside and outside the district.

Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Hai (top row - 7th from left) on behalf of the children sends her deep thanks to the Bank for its care and affection for the children.

With the desire to share to help children alleviate some of the difficulties and hardships and enhance the spirit of volunteerism and sense of responsibility in each employee, Eximbank gave practical gifts with the desire to bring a The most complete and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival for children. Besides providing help in kind, Eximbank staff also organized many entertainment performances, games and feasts to interact with the children. Although there was not much time, the volunteer program "Eximbank on the full moon festival" took place warmly and meaningfully, bringing laughter and happy moments, giving the children a warm and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival. love. Directly meeting, handing out gifts and learning about the circumstances of poor children with disabilities in remote areas, each Eximbank employee understands that there are still many other lives in difficult circumstances who need help. , support is greater and more frequent.

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