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Eximbank officially launched the Eximbank Young international credit/debit card

In order to increase choices and provide the young customer segment with a modern, safe and convenient non-cash payment method, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially launched Credit Cards. international/debit Eximbank JCB Young carries the JCB brand, replacing the standard Eximbank JCB international credit product line and Eximbank JCB Debit.
Eximbank JCB Young Card (including international debit card and international credit card branded JCB) is Eximbank's first set of international cards exclusively for young customers aged 15 to 30 years old, active, Personality, confidence and always ready to explore new experiences in life. With the purpose of meeting the needs of this customer group, thereby increasing the level of attachment of young customers to the bank's services.
Using the Eximbank JCB Young International Credit/Debit Card, customers will receive many attractive incentives such as: Free SMS Alert service throughout the card usage period; Free cash withdrawal at ATM for debit; Refund of interest arising in the first 3 statement periods and up to 1 million VND for credit card holders; Promotional programs within the first 3 months of product deployment: free issuance fee, free first year annual bonus for new primary and secondary cards and cashback program upon use.
In addition, cardholders can easily control card transactions through Eximbank's services such as: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Alert - card transaction notification service. In addition, every month cardholders only need to pay a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding balance of the most recent statement.
Regarding card issuance conditions, customers meet the credit/debit card issuance conditions prescribed by Eximbank and for Eximbank JCB Young international credit cards, customers only need to have a monthly income of 5 million VND or more. go up.
For advice and support in card issuance, you can directly contact the nearest Eximbank Branch/Transaction Office or hotline 18001199, detailed information here.

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