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Eximbank officially launched the Eximbank international credit card - JCB Platinum Travel Cash Back

In order to increase choices and improve experience for customers using credit cards, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially launched Eximbank International Credit Card - JCB Platinum Travel Cash Back branded JCB comes from Japan.
This is an international credit card product aimed at customers who want to travel and shop abroad, especially in Japan, and wish to receive a refund when spending with credit cards at all types. transaction.
Using the Eximbank - JCB Platinum Travel Cash Back International Credit Card, customers will receive many attractive incentives such as: Unlimited cashback at a rate of 0.5% on all spending transactions abroad and special special offers. 1% discount for spending transactions in Japan; Free and unlimited use at more than 60 lounges in Asia; Discount up to 30% at more than 18 golf courses in Vietnam; Gifts for the cardholder's birthday with a value of up to 1.2 million VND; Free global travel insurance package with benefits up to 10.5 billion VND; Free shopping goods insurance package; And all other premium incentives and privileges for Platinum cardholders implemented by Eximbank and JCB Card Organization.
In addition, cardholders can easily control card transactions through Eximbank's services such as: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Alert - card transaction notification service. In addition, every month cardholders only need to pay a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding balance of the most recent statement.
Regarding card issuance conditions Eximbank International Credit Card - JCB Platinum Travel Cash Back, customers only need to have a monthly income of 10 million VND or more and meet the credit card issuance conditions prescribed by Eximbank.
For advice and support in card issuance, you can directly contact the nearest Eximbank Branch or Transaction Office or hotline 18001199, detailed information here

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