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Eximbank officially launched "Eximbank International Credit Card - Visa Violet Card"

 From September 15, 2014, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially launched the Eximbank international credit card - Visa Violet Card, providing a new perfect choice, a new style exclusively for customers. Fair.
Owning an Eximbank - Visa Violet Card, Cardholders will enjoy many special benefits such as:
Receive a gift immediately when receiving the card
Free issuance and annual fee
Shop for deals and get cashback on transactions
Accumulate high points and immediately redeem attractive gifts

In addition, cardholders will be able to participate in many other promotional programs implemented by Eximbank from time to time such as giving gifts on the holidays of March 8 and October 20 every year.
Target audience: Female customers
For detailed information about products, programs and promotion rules, please access product details or contact Eximbank (84) 18001199, email: or Branches/ Eximbank Transaction Offices nationwide.


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