Eximbank's announcement


Eximbank officially issues the UEFA Champions League MasterCard® Debit card

 Following the success of the UEFA Champions League MasterCard® international credit card, from March 30, 2016, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially launched the UEFA Champions League MasterCard international debit card line. ® . The product targets male customers who love the UEFA Champions League soccer tournament in Vietnam and want to enjoy soccer-related incentives from MasterCard and Eximbank.
Using the UEFA Champions League MasterCard® international debit card, cardholders have the opportunity to win a trip to watch a live UEFA Champions League match, free tickets and many other valuable prizes from MasterCard, the publisher Official sponsor of UEFA Champions League.

Up to now, Eximbank has deployed to the market many international card lines to meet the diverse needs of customers including credit, debit, and prepaid cards branded Visa, MasterCard, JCB, including the following. such as Visa Platinum premium credit card, Teachercard MasterCard credit card for teachers, Violet Visa credit card for women, UEFA Champions League credit card for men...
For detailed product information, please contact Eximbank Bank Card Center (18001199, or Eximbank Branches/Transaction Offices nationwide.

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