Eximbank offers free cash withdrawals and transactions made at ATMs for domestic debit card holders.

With the advantage of being one of the banks operating strongly in the card industry, we always want to bring cardholders the best products, services and preferential policies. In response to the news that the bank will increase the fee for withdrawing money through the ATM system, however, at Eximbank, Eximbank domestic debit card holders (V-TOP, co-branded card, student affiliated card), are still free to withdraw cash. at ATMs of Eximbank and other banks belonging to the Smartlink and VNBC alliances. In addition, cardholders do not have to pay any fees when checking balances, printing statements, transferring money (under 30 million VND) ... at ATMs. In addition, cardholders also receive free card issuance fees. .

Since 2010, Eximbank has connected the ATM system in the Smartlink and VNBC alliance systems with more than 5,000 ATMs, serving the needs of cash withdrawals, transfers, statement inquiries, etc. of domestic debit cardholders. Eximbank, helping cardholders have more flexibility in spending.

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