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Eximbank launches the service of opening/locking domestic card accounts via SMS

In order to improve the quality of card services, increase convenience and minimize risks for domestic cardholders, from October 11, 2011, Eximbank deployed the service of opening/locking domestic card accounts via SMS. This service is completely free and will help customers temporarily lock their domestic card accounts when they do not need to use them without having to go to Eximbank's transaction points.

After sending the temporary lock message, all subsequent debit transactions at POS, ATM channels and interbank money transfers via Internet Banking will be temporarily refused. When there is a need to use it, customers just need to send a message to reopen their account.

To use this service, cardholders only need to bring their ID card to Eximbank's transaction points and fill out the SMS Banking service registration/adjustment form. Cardholders can register the same phone number for multiple numbers. different cards.

This is a value that Eximbank provides to customers to enhance the highest safety of Eximbank domestic cardholders, especially in cases of counterfeit cards that are on the rise in Vietnam.

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