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Eximbank launches the product package "Proof of finances - Travel insurance" from June 1, 2018

Have you planned to travel abroad but are still wondering about financial proof procedures according to the Embassy's document requirements?
Or you are preparing for a trip abroad, but still feel worried about some possible risks:

The trip is delayed/cancelled.
Lost luggage at the airport.
Sickness due to unfamiliarity with the weather or unfamiliar time zone.
Accidents due to unfamiliarity with traffic, or slipping and falling while sightseeing or playing.
Food poisoning due to unfamiliarity with local cuisine, especially street food.
Being robbed or losing documents/Passport/assets while staying abroad...

Come to Eximbank, the product package "Proof of finances - Travel insurance" will help you complete your Visa application, bring the best service experience and feel more secure when traveling. foreign.
This is a product package combining Eximbank's financial proof loan product and MSIG's Travel Insurance product - one of Japan's largest insurance companies.
Product benefits:

Increase the validity of the Visa application as well as meet the Embassy's requirements.
Have more peace of mind when being insured for the entire trip.
Simple documents, quick procedures, thoughtful support until you get your Visa.

Required documents: (*)

Identity card / or Citizen identification card.
Passport valid for 6 months or more.
Registration book.

(*) All copies are copies. Please bring the original for the Bank to compare
For more details, please contact 1800 1199 for advice or go to the nearest Branch/Transaction Office for support.

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