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Eximbank launches the "Automatic bill payment" registration service on Internet Banking since May 8, 2015

In order to increase convenience for customers using Eximbank's Internet Banking, since May 8, 2015, Eximbank is one of the pioneers in successfully implementing the registration service "Automatic bill payment". " on Internet Banking.
Accordingly, customers only need to access Eximbank's Internet Banking, and register once only. Pay bills for electricity, water, cable TV, telephone, etc., every month, Eximbank will automatically replace the customer. The company deducts the customer's account to pay the customer's bills.
Hurry to Eximbank to register for Internet Banking service to enjoy many attractive incentives and benefits:

Receive a prize code when registering for Eximbank's Internet Banking
Get a bonus code every time you pay bills and deposit money on Internet Banking
High chance of winning prizes with SH Cars, Refrigerators, Cameras, money
Diverse outstanding amenities:
Deposit Online Savings with a higher interest rate than at the counter of 0.1%/year
Register to automatically pay electricity, water bills, etc.
Register to automatically transfer money periodically and transfer money in batches
Register to transfer interest from non-term to term
Quickly transfer money to another bank using card number and account number
And a variety of other services….

For further information, please contact the Customer Support Center 1800 1199 or nearest transaction point

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