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Eximbank launches Eximbank EBiz Mobile Banking application for Businesses

Mobile Banking application helps customers - business operators easily approve transactions and manage finances anytime, anywhere.

Eximbank's representative said that with the mission of providing diverse and high-quality financial products on a digital technology platform, the bank deployed the Eximbank EBiz Mobile Banking application for businesses. This solution helps customers flexibly use the bank's products, services and utilities on mobile phones, tablets,...
Outstanding utilities of Mobile Banking include: cross-channel and seamless cross-platform transactions on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking; create and approve transactions 24/7 anytime, anywhere; easily look up and manage account information; Highly secure with multi-layer security and biometric authentication (fingerprint, Face ID); Customize the interface for personalization.
The application has diverse features: money transfer transactions within and outside the system; international payments; pay the bill; online deposits; submitting national budget; Look up exchange rates and interest rates; query transaction information; Configure transaction process settings...

Eximbank's representative added that the future "Digital Bank" will become the main selling and service providing model, leading and orienting the transformation of the entire business model. Therefore, to meet the increasing needs of customers, Eximbank has focused on investing heavily in technology. Outstanding features that bring convenience to customers are exploited and developed by the bank to serve promptly.
Accordingly, Eximbank Ebiz - Mobile Banking for businesses is carefully adjusted by the investment bank from interface to features, ensuring safety and security for customers.
Customers can start experiencing Online Banking services on the website platform here or download the Eximbank EBiz application at Apple Store or Google Play.

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