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Eximbank launches "E-Favor Deposit" with many outstanding incentives

On October 20, 2011 Eximbank officially provided the new product "E-Favor Deposit" for individual customers with many outstanding incentives.

Accordingly, "E-Favor Deposit" is one of the personal payment deposit product lines, however customers enjoy graduated interest rates based on the balance in the account up to 6%/year, combined with service packages. Electronic banking services, supporting customers to manage their accounts 24/24 and transact with the bank anytime, anywhere.

Thereby, customers save time and costs. In particular, customers are exempted from all fees when transacting via Eximbank's SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking. “E-Favor Deposit” is suitable for individual customers who need to regularly make payment transactions, transfers, and business customers.

For more detailed information, please contact Eximbank CallCenter, phone 1900545474 or visit Details here

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