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Eximbank launches card payment service via mobile devices

Today, mobile phones are an indispensable device in each of our lives. In addition to the function of making and receiving calls, this telecommunications device also integrates many other great functions. Including modern technology solutions that allow payments to international credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, JCB... on smartphones and tablets (Smartphone & Tablet). This is a payment application that has been strongly developed in the world recently.
With the trend of constantly researching and applying modern technological achievements to banking payment services to improve customer service quality, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) cooperates with International card organization MasterCard officially launched "Card payment acceptance service via mobile devices" (abbreviated mPOS Eximbank) from December 27, 2014. This service will support businesses that can accept Receive international card payments anytime, anywhere easily and safely. When in use, just attach a compact mPOS card reader (Card Reader) to the audio port of your mobile phone or tablet (applicable to both Android and iOS operating systems). Perform card payment transactions for customers. Implementing staff will be given their own Username and Password to log in and use the service.

After successful payment, the Cardholder will sign and confirm the invoice directly on the phone/tablet screen and the invoice will be sent to the Cardholder's email address. Eximbank will provide tools to support businesses in managing electronic invoices and tracking details of transactions.

Eximbank mPOS service is very suitable for businesses with highly mobile businesses such as insurance agents, cash-on-delivery services, electricity companies, water companies, taxi companies, and shops. fast food restaurants,…

For detailed information about the service, please contact Eximbank via phone number: 18001199, email: or at the Chi nhánh/Phòng Giao dịch Eximbank nationwide.    

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