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Eximbank launches a new utility for Online Deposits to receive interest periodically: "Automatically transfer deposit interest to payment account, periodically"

To save time and simplify transaction operations for customers participating in online savings products, since July 22, 2015 Eximbank has deployed a new utility for Online Deposits with periodic interest payments:
"Automatically transfer deposit interest to payment account, periodically"
Accordingly, when customers deposit money on Eximbank's Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, Term Deposit products receive monthly, quarterly and annual interest:

Customers do not need to register for automatic interest transfer at the transaction counter or on Internet Banking.
Arriving periodically, customers do not need to go to the transaction counter to receive  deposit interest.

Periodically, on the day of receiving interest, Eximbank automatically transfers the customer's interest into the payment deposit for the customer.
Customers, please quickly come to Eximbank to register for Eximbank's Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services, and experience outstanding utilities when depositing money online at Eximbank:

Online deposit interest rate: 0.1%/year higher than over-the-counter deposit
Full range of Online Deposit products, similar to over-the-counter transactions
Deposit money and participate in prizes right online with a chance to win big prizes
Be able to deposit additional money into an already opened Online Savings account, without having to settle the old account to reopen.
Receive partial withdrawals of Online Savings deposits, without needing to close the account, with the interest rate remaining the same for the remaining deposit.
Automatically transfer interest from term deposits with periodic interest payments to payment deposits
Register online for the automatic interest transfer service from term deposits that receive interest at the end of the term to payment deposits
And many other utilities….

For more detailed information, please contact:

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