Modern technology and convenient features of products and services are one of the competitive factors considered important for Vietnamese banks in the context of the country's strong integration. Deeply aware of the importance of technology for development, Vietnam Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) has found its own direction in building a modern bank that best meets the needs of customers. customer demand.

As Eximbank's largest foreign strategic partner, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) has significantly and effectively supported modern banking technical services for Eximbank, including coordination with Sumitomo card company. Mitsui Card Co., Ltd (SMCC) successfully introduced Eximbank to join the Globepass alliance to enhance Eximbank's reputation and service quality for domestic and foreign customers. By joining GlobePass and participating in the card acceptance discount program (MMDP), Eximbank wishes to provide a high-class financial service and increase convenience for customers as well as contribute to implementing Government's non-cash payment target. Currently, Eximbank is the only bank to become a member of the GlobePass alliance, allowing it to implement discount programs among card accepting units in Vietnam.

GlobePass is a global alliance of card issuing and acquiring banks including 12 member banks in 11 countries and territories: Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam. This organization was established with the purpose of promoting mutual cooperation between financial institutions globally, thereby providing valuable utility services to cardholders and card merchants. One of the first utilities that “GlobePass” provides to cardholders is the “Discount sales for each other” program, in which cardholders of GlobePass members enjoy privileges such as discounts and purchase discounts. , receive gifts... at units that accept Membership Cards (participate in the MMDP program) by presenting a Coupon with the GlobePass logo printed on it.

Accordingly, when the cardholder plans to travel, shop, get medical treatment... in 11 countries and territories in the Globepass alliance, the cardholder can log in to Eximbank's website and follow the instructions to choose Select, print and bring coupons to enjoy special offers from merchants in the country or territory you plan to visit. Currently, in the GlobePass alliance there are over 100 million cardholders in 11 countries and territories. The number of card accepting units participating in incentives for cardholders in the GlobePass Alliance is currently 277 with 624 Coupons (coupons to use to pay for goods and services from card accepting units in Globepass alliance), in which Eximbank has 34 merchants implementing incentives with 42 Coupons.

All merchants in the GlobePass alliance are suppliers of high quality goods, satisfying the needs and tastes of internationally oriented customers. When participating in the GlobePass alliance, merchants will be able to promote their images for free on the website to all cardholders of 11 member countries.

Thereby, it will increase the number of customers and sales from more than 100 million cardholders of member banks in the Globepass alliance. With the implementation of the GlobePass program, Eximbank wishes to increase convenience for customers without Specifically, cardholders and Eximbank card acceptance units will enjoy special incentives when using Eximbank International Cards to pay for goods and services at all preferential card acceptance points of all major cardholders. banks in the international alliance GlobePass./