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Eximbank joins hands towards the Central region

Faced with the heavy losses suffered by the people of the Central region in the recent storm, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank launched the movement "Toward the Central Region" among the bank's officers and employees with a total of More than 335 million VND was raised.
On November 5, 2016, Eximbank Youth Union coordinated with Ha Tinh Provincial Youth Union and Quang Binh Provincial Youth Union to organize a direct relief trip, hand-delivering more than 500 gifts including cash valued from 500,000-1,000 VND. ,000 VND to the people. These are two provinces where many families suffered heavy loss of life and property, and at the same time, public works were also seriously destroyed.
For example, in Quang Binh province, the whole province had 26 deaths, 68 injuries and over 90 thousand houses were flooded. Total damage across the province reached 12,000 billion.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Triet - Representative of Eximbank gave gifts to people at the People's Committee of Quang Van Commune - Quang Binh.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Triet - Deputy General Director of Eximbank, Party member in charge of the youth union shared: "Activities oriented towards the community and for the community have become one of the cultural features that are strongly maintained and promoted." at Eximbank for more than 20 years. This amount of money is very small compared to the losses of the people of the Central region, but it is the heart of Eximbank officials and employees sharing with people in difficult times. We I hope you will soon stabilize your life and production."
In addition to the above activities, Eximbank also organizes social security programs for the community such as: Mid-Autumn Festival for poor children in provinces and localities; Tet for the poor,... These activities are always regularly carried out and maintained by Eximbank, creating a culture and encouraging the spirit of sharing among each employee throughout the system towards the social community.

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