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Eximbank is in the top 10 strong brands in Vietnam - impressive growth in 2023

On October 6, 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam Economic Magazine - VnEconomy - Vietnam Economic Times organized the Vietnam New Economy Forum 2023 and the Vietnam Strong Brand Announcement Ceremony 2022 - 2023, Eximbank is honored to be on the list of Top 10 Strong Brands in Vietnam - Impressive Growth in 2023.

Attending the program were representatives of leaders of central departments, ministries, branches, leaders of associations, domestic and international economic experts and nearly 300 CEOs of Strong Vietnam brand enterprises nationwide.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Anh (center), member of the Board of Directors representing Eximbank, received the certificate of Top 10 Strong Brands in Vietnam - Impressive growth in 2023. Photo: Eximbank

Vietnam Strong Brands Program is the largest annual event of Vietnam Economic Magazine - VnEconomy - Vietnam Economic Times, initiated in 2003 and maintained continuously until now. During 20 years, the program has created and developed a strong Vietnamese business community with thousands of brands in all industries and areas of economic activity.

At Eximbank, with 34 years of experience in international payment activities, foreign exchange business and trade finance, Eximbank has nationwide coverage with 213 branches and transaction offices. On what can be considered the best electronic transaction platform, Eximbank has connected the bank's headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City with a network of satellite branches as well as established agent relationships with nearly 900 financial institutions. internationally in 70 countries worldwide.

The award is a recognition of Eximbank's brand value as well as the scale and quality of assets improved thanks to the bank's restructuring efforts in recent years, including actively handling debt, Optimize capital resources, improve operations, reduce costs and strongly improve NIM thanks to shifting to lending more to SMEs and individual customers, in addition to well serving the traditional import-export customer segment. system..

Currently, Eximbank is one of the banks that still maintains a long-standing base of individual and corporate customers who have always accompanied the bank for a long time, especially corporations and import-export 

corporations. Leading in Vietnam.

Recently, the State Bank has issued a written approval for Eximbank (HOSE: EIB) to increase its charter capital by 2,655 billion VND through the form of issuing shares to pay dividends. Accordingly, Eximbank's charter capital after issuance will reach 17,470 billion VND, belonging to large-scale joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam.

According to the Organizing Committee of the Vietnam Strong Brands Program 2022 - 2023, strong brands are surveyed, announced and honored every year: are corporate brands with excellent production and business results, impression; pioneering brands that innovate, apply the most advanced science and technology, create new breakthroughs in the value chain of production, business and trade of products/services; Pioneering brands commit and implement action plans on sustainable development, environmental improvement, climate change, aiming to implement Vietnam's net-zero commitment while strengthening policies towards workers and the community; Enterprises with high brand value, evaluated and valued by prestigious domestic and international organizations.

Last September, at the Asiamoney Awards 2023 held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center (Singapore), with the participation of more than 180 delegates from 40 leading businesses and financial institutions in the region. In Southeast Asia, Eximbank is honored to receive the Vietnam Promising Bank award in the Best Bank 2023 category. According to Asiamoney, looking at how the bank is adjusting its business lines and investing in the future, it is possible Consider Eximbank a typical example in the economic trajectory of any country.

At the same time, Eximbank was also awarded the title "TOP 10 pioneering enterprises implementing digital technology" from the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association. This is a recognition of Eximbank's contribution in the field of digital banking with the Eximbank E-Digi service product, which has contributed to affirming the bank's efforts in developing a high-quality digital ecosystem to serve customers. .

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