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Eximbank introduces New official Website

On Feb 1st 2024, Eximbank respectfully introduces the New official Website at address with a modern interface, friendly operation and many outstanding features for users.

Belonging to our strong and comprehensive digital transformation orientation, emphasizing innovations to meet customer-centric goals, the New Website promises to bring customers interesting experiences, especially convenience and intuitiveness in receiving and searching information according to customer needs.

Ø   Completely new and modern design interface.

  • Comply with our brandname identity standards but still bring many vivid images, intuitive and friendly interface to all customer segments who have trusted and loved Eximbank products and services.
  • New Website is designed that customers can cover all outstanding product and service groups of Eximbank at homepage, in addition to supporting tools and utilities arranged scientifically according to frequency of use and level of interest, which based on actual survey results of the behavior, psychology and wishes of Eximbank users in recent times..

Ø   Streamlined content, friendly operation.

  • Customer-oriented website structure can flexibly choose queries in both directions: group of product or accessing specific products directly with just ONE mouse-click.
  • The interface of the pages is designed consistently that the information Eximbank provides to customers must be filtered and highlight the main points of each content and all features customers need are displayed on ONE screen.

Ø   Fast speed, supports many new features.

  • New Website applies the most advanced technology to optimize user experience, upgrade features for many outstanding tools and utilities such as:
    • Search: optimized to support keyword search for all content available on the Website
    • Bookmarks: convenient for customers to find information for next visits.
    • I wants: arranged prominently in the quick access bar right on the homepage will suggest to customers Eximbank products that suit their specific needs; In addition to the Life Moments articles as Eximbank's message is always focused on and attached to every customer's most important moment..
    • Exchange rates, Contact, Calculate interest on deposits, loans...: intuitively designed, applying smart filters to support customer.

Eximbank New Website will continue to be improved, upgraded and optimized to bring more convenience to customers.

Besides the New Website, Eximbank is constantly improving and improving the quality of products and services and investing in developing modern technology systems to better serve the diverse needs of valued customers..

Vietnam Eximbank.

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