From May 13, 2010, Eximbank increased the USD mobilization interest rate to 4.4%/year with the most attractive interest rate, specifically:

Customers who deposit USD to participate in the "Select interest period savings" product at Eximbank will enjoy attractive interest rates: 1 month: 3.4%/year, 2 months: 3.6%/year, 3 months: 3.9%/year, 6 months: 4.15%/year, 12 months: 4.2%/year.

The MORE customers deposit, the HIGHER interest rate they will receive with a bonus interest rate of up to 0.2%/year.

In addition, customers participating in the promotion program "Scratch REWARDS NOW, SPIN BIG WIN" also have the opportunity to win lottery at the end of the program with a special prize of a Toyota Camry car up to 1 billion VND and other prizes. Other attractive prizes such as Honda SH cars, Airblade cars, LCD TVs...

USD interest rate details

Details of the program "Scratch BONUS NOW, SPIN BIG WIN"