Eximbank increased transaction limit via Internet Banking to 2 billion VND/day

In order to meet customers' needs for high-value transactions, from October 3, 2012, Eximbank increased the transaction limit via Internet Banking (from 500 million VND/day to 2 billion VND/day). With this limit increase, individual customers/business households can transfer money within and outside the system with a limit of up to 2 billion VND/day.

Eximbank Internet Banking service has now met most of customers' transaction needs such as: money transfer, bill payment, phone top-up, online savings, loan payment... helping customers make real money. Perform transactions conveniently and quickly without having to go to the bank.

Customers who want to use the service can contact Eximbank's transaction points to register and receive instructions for use or contact the Customer Support Center via phone number 1900.54.54.74 for support.