Grateful to customers who have accompanied Eximbank for the past 20 years, from November 11, 2009 to February 2, 2010, customers participating in the program "Jubilant Promotion, Celebrating Birthday" will immediately receive a card. Lucky scratch, get money and attractive gifts.

Promotions for customers:

- Promotions for customers depositing VND:
For every 50 million VND deposited, customers receive the following incentives:

  • Receive lucky scratch cards to win prizes for TV, Phone, Sheet Set...
  • Received a cute tissue box shaped like a stuffed animal
  • Receive a bonus of 0.14%* of the deposit amount (From January 7, 2010 to February 2, 2010).
    (For every 50 million VND deposited, customers receive a bonus of 70,000 VND, maximum 10 million)
  • Customers keep capital for a minimum of 90 days, with a recording term of 25 months. If they withdraw before maturity, they will receive an interest rate equal to the normal savings interest rate for the actual number of months deposited.

-  Incentives for customers depositing USD and Gold:

  • Customers will receive lucky scratch cards & stuffed animal-shaped tissue boxes, with the following terms and shipping rates:

Mức gửi

Nhận 01 thẻ cào
và 01 Hộp khăn giấy hình thú bông

3 tháng

6 tháng

12 tháng


4.000 USD

2.000 USD

1.000 USD


50 chỉ vàng

20 chỉ vàng

10 chỉ vàng

- The more customers send, the more lucky scratch cards they receive, bonuses up to 10 million VND, and 02 boxes of cute tissue paper shaped like stuffed animals.

- In particular, during Eximbank's birthday week from January 11, 2010 to January 18, 2010, Eximbank sent an additional gift to customers who transacted at Eximbank.

- Customers participating in the program can open a deposit account (free of charge) at Eximbank and receive a V-Top card (free of charge).

Interest rate:
Equal to regular savings interest rate.
Customers participate in the capital retention program within 90 days.
Customers who withdraw 90 days or more before maturity will enjoy the following early withdrawal interest rates:

  • For VND: Enjoy regular savings interest for the number of months actually deposited and non-term savings for the number of days less than a month.
  • For USD: Enjoy interest rate without term.
  • For Gold: No interest.