Eximbank implements policies to support customers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

In the spirit of accompanying and sharing with corporate and individual customers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, and at the same time strictly implementing the policies and directions of the Prime Minister and the Governor of the State Bank, Eximbank has taken the initiative to Actively applying information technology in banking operations, streamlining procedures and paperwork to shorten document processing time, applying many measures to support customers during the affected period. affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, such as:

1. Implementing regulations on restructuring debt repayment terms, exempting and reducing interest and fees, and maintaining the same debt group for customers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic according to Circular 01 of the State Bank (amended and supplemented by Circular 03, Circular 14)

2. Maintaining low interest rates for corporate and personal loans;

3. Continue to increase the size of the credit package with the lowest interest rate in the market at over 3,000 billion VND with lending interest rates reduced from 0.5%/year compared to previous programs to support businesses and lending interest rates. reduced from 0.5%/year - 1.5%/year compared to previous programs to support individual customers.

It can be said that this is timely support for Eximbank's customers in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has had a profound impact throughout the country and continues to be complicated.

Eximbank commits to actively accompanying customers, promptly providing appropriate and practical support, sharing, and troubleshooting measures to help customers stabilize production and quickly overcome difficulties."