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Eximbank guides on safe use of bank accounts/cards

Taking advantage of the increasing need for customers to use payment accounts/bank cards, bank fraud and impersonation are taking place more and more often with more sophisticated tricks in order to appropriate information. and personal assets of customers. Therefore, to support updating information to customers, Eximbank provides recommendations and instructions for safe use of bank accounts/cards as follows:

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1.Do not provide your username, password, OTP code, card number, or CVV code to others

2. Do not share personal information and bank account information with others

3. Do not log in to strange links of unknown origin

4. Do not download applications from links or files of unknown origin

5. Do not log in to Eximbank EDigi digital bank on an unfamiliar device


1. You should use a highly complex and secure Eximbank EDigi login password

2. Should update regulations, policies and safety bulletins from Eximbank

3. Account holder information should be updated accurately

4. Be wary of calls, messages, and information of unknown origin

5. You should immediately contact the authorities and notify Eximbank via hotline 1900 6655 when detecting any unusual signs in your bank account.


1.Using fake identification documents, providing fake information to register to open an account, issue cards, register for electronic banking services and use accounts/cards/electronic banking services as means of crime.

2. Buy, sell, rent, lease, open cards and/or accounts on your behalf contrary to the provisions of law.

3. Open or maintain an anonymous or impersonated payment account

4. Using accounts/cards as a means to conduct illegal transactions such as: gambling, betting, fraud, fraud, foreign exchange trading on websites, money laundering, terrorist financing and other violations of law

5. Performing, organizing or facilitating fraudulent or counterfeit transactions; False payment transactions at card accepting units.

6. Making, using, transferring and circulating fake cards.

7. Stealing, colluding to steal card/account information; disclosing and providing card/account information, cardholders, and card transactions not in accordance with the law.

8. Illegally infiltrating or attempting to intrude, destroy the program or database of the card issuance and payment system, card switching, and electronic clearing of card transactions.

24/7 customer support: 1900 6655

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