From April 1, 2010, Vietnam Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) will implement the program "New card in hand, free insurance immediately". Accordingly, customers who register for a new card issuance or international credit card renewal will be given an insurance card provided by Prevoir Life Insurance Company.

In addition to the benefits of using Eximbank's international credit cards such as:

- Pay for goods and services at millions of locations accepting Visa and MasterCard cards worldwide

- Order goods and services via the Internet.

- Pay electricity, water, telephone, cable TV bills...

- Withdraw cash at millions of bank ATMs around the world

- Participate in incentive programs, discounts, and gifts at units that accept GlobePass members' cards.

Customers using Eximbank international credit cards will feel more secure when Eximbank gives them a Prevoir life insurance card with global geographical coverage.

Besides, from April 1, 2010, Eximbank also has many promotional programs for customers using MasterCard and TecherCard cards.

For new MasterCard and Teacher card holders: Free shopping vouchers at Phuong Nam bookstores nationwide.

- Customers who issue new Eximbank–MasterCard cards: receive 2 Vouchers.

- Customers who issue new Eximbank - TeacherCard cards: receive 4 Vouchers.

By implementing promotional programs for international credit cardholders, Eximbank wishes to increase convenience for customers, specifically Eximbank cardholders will enjoy special incentives in paying for goods. Services at all card acceptance points./