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Eximbank: Elevating poor students in the opening season

This 2012-2013 school year is more exciting than ever for parents of students in Duc Hoa district (Long An) when the new Duc Hoa High School, meeting national standards with a construction budget of about 40 billion VND, was inaugurated. The ceremony was held solemnly and warmly, "making it more complete" as Principal Huynh Cong Thanh said, when the Truong Son Charity Program Organizing Committee awarded 100 scholarships from the sponsorship of the Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank. imported from Vietnam (Eximbank) to poor students who overcome difficulties and study well. With 2 million VND/scholarship, 100 poor students were relieved of their worries in the first days of school.

Looking through the list of 100 students awarded scholarships, we cannot help but feel sad when we see that there are still so many difficult life situations around us. True to the principal's words, these scholarships have given more strength and motivation to the school's poor students, making their smiles brighter. Even though it has been more than a week since she learned the news of receiving the scholarship, Le Thi Uyen Chi (class 11TN1) is still emotional. An accident many years ago took away Uyen Chi's parents, leaving the two sisters alone in their growing years. The two sisters grew up thanks to the protection of both their paternal and maternal sides and the local allowance of 180,000 VND/month for families in need.With that little amount of money, the two sisters had to spend very sparingly. This school year, the old bicycle that has accompanied excellent student Uyen Chi for many years has been replaced with a new bicycle promoted by the school, but there are still difficulties with books and tuition... Holding the bicycle Looking at her old, worn bag of fabric, Uyen Chi said shyly: "My sister used this backpack many years ago. After entering college, she left it for me. I have also been using it for 2 years now." Already. This time I will buy a new briefcase." Uyen Chi smiled brightly but her eyes still showed sadness: "Today is the anniversary of my mother's death, I used part of my scholarship to make a tray of rice to offer my mother so that she can share the joy with me."

The situation of Le Nhut Linh, a student of class 11TN2, is also very pitiful. Her father left her at a young age, and Linh lives with her mother and 16-year-old younger brother, who is infected with Agent Orange and has poor mental development. My mother works as a gardener and earns 2 million VND/month. She also has to pay for Linh's school fees and take care of her sick younger brother, so it's very difficult. To help her mother, Linh took on a job as a helper at a coffee shop 3 days a week, earning nearly 400,000 VND/month, part of Linh helps her mother raise her younger siblings, the rest Linh buys books and school supplies. Despite such hardships, Linh has always maintained the title of good student for many years in a row. “I have to try my best to study to pass the university entrance exam next year. Only then can I help my mother and take care of my children to have a better life" - Linh shared. Putting aside her dream of becoming an economics university student to become a good economist, Linh said she would take the entrance exam to a pedagogical university to save on tuition costs.

Nguyen Thi Be Kieu (student of class 11A4) also no longer has her parents, she is currently living with her older sister who is a worker. With a worker's salary of 2.5 million VND/month, Kieu and her sisters are always short before and after. At the beginning of the school year, Kieu's sister had to borrow money to pay for Kieu's tuition. Therefore, the scholarship they just received will "free" Kieu and her sisters from the burden of debt, and the remaining balance will be spent on buying missing school supplies. Kieu said emotionally: "I am very touched in the new school year and receiving this scholarship. I will try to study well so as not to disappoint the benefactors who have supported and shared with the difficult situations we are facing." Kieu also shared: "In my class, there are many people in difficult circumstances. I hope more and more benefactors will pay attention to people who are in the same situation as us but are not good at studying so that they can have better learning conditions." Kieu dreams of becoming a teacher because she wants to follow the example of teachers joining hands with society in the cause of educating people, especially children in difficult circumstances like her.

We visited the home of Nguyen Hoang Mai, a student of class 12TN2. The house is located deep in the fields, the road to the entrance is muddy, slippery, empty in front and empty in the back, the corrugated iron roof is full of holes, although according to Mai's brother, it was a "many-year project" of the whole family, her brother said. Sometimes I buy a dozen bricks, sometimes I buy a bag of sand... With the scholarship she just received from the Vietnam Import-Export Bank - Eximbank, Mai will use part of it to buy a tarpaulin to cover the roof above her desk to prevent leaks. and change to a new pair of glasses because my eyesight has increased for a long time...

Hearing the children's simple plans for using the scholarship money they received, the program implementers felt very heartwarming. In addition to the 100 students of Duc Hoa (Long An) who received scholarships on September 1, this opening season there will be 400 more students in the provinces of Quang Tri, Nam Dinh, Binh Phuoc, and Dak Nong receiving scholarships. scholarships from Eximbank's VND 2 billion sponsorship package. 500 poor and difficult lives will be empowered, making the path to school more open.

(According to SGGP)

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