• You have a stable source of monthly income.

  • You want to accumulate from today to fulfill future goals such as: buying a car, getting married, buying a house, ...

  • Eximbank brings you the most optimal solution

    In order to create conditions for customers to gradually accumulate finance to fulfill future purposes such as: buying a car, getting married, buying a house..., Eximbank launches the product "SAVINGS IN DEPOSIT" with many benefits. added from May 20, 2010.

    - Deposit: Vietnam Dong

    - Diverse deposit terms from 1 year to 10 years, depending on the customer's purpose and financial ability.

    - Periodic deposit: monthly, 2 months, 3 months.

    Interest rate:
    - Higher than 3-month savings interest rate (interest at the end of the period)
    - Automatically adjusted every 3 months.

    Deposit interest rate = 3-month interest rate + Bonus interest rate

    Bonus interest rate for 1st year:

Total accumulated registration amount (Regulation)

Year 1 bonus interest rate

50 million VND ≤ Minimum limit < 100 million VND


100 million VND ≤ Minimum limit < 300 million VND


                           ĐK ≥ 300 tmillion VND


                          ĐK <   50 million VND


The bonus interest rate from the 2nd year onwards is increased by 0.1%/year.

Form of receiving interest:
- Customers receive interest on savings deposits at the end of the deposit term.
- Deposit interest is equal to the total interest of each deposit.
In which: Interest on each deposit = balance x interest rate x corresponding number of deposit days.

Utilities and support services:
- Customers do not have to waste time registering for automatic money transfer from their demand deposit account to pay deposits.
- Customers are given "LOC TRUONG AN Savings" insurance and register to deposit a minimum of 10 million.
- Customers can borrow capital at preferential interest rates.

Regulations on early settlement:
- Deposit savings cards will be settled before maturity in the following cases: Customers do not make regular payments for more than 60 days, or customers need to withdraw money before maturity.
- The amount the customer receives includes the entire amount the customer has deposited plus premature settlement interest.
- Premature settlement interest is as follows:

Real time sending (t)
Interest rate for early withdrawal
t ≥ 1 month Actual number of days deposited ≥ 50% of term 80% Interest at settlement time
Actual number of days deposited < 50% of term 50% Interest at settlement time
t < 1 month Interest rate 3%/year

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