Eximbank deploys the latest online transaction authentication and security system

As one of the first banks to deploy online card payment authentication and security solutions, recently, Eximbank continued to pioneer and successfully deploy the EMV 3D online transaction security and authentication system. Secure applies to international Visa and Mastercard cards.

Recently, Eximbank has focused on investing in technology systems, prioritizing the use of infrastructure and applying the most advanced, modern and secure technologies with the purpose of ensuring support for card payment transactions, Customers' electronic payments are always fast, convenient and safe. In addition to the 3D-Secure security authentication system deployed by Eximbank to protect and ensure safety for customers when conducting online transactions in recent years, currently, according to technology trends, The latest in the world, the bank continues to deploy the EMV 3D Secure security authentication system with RBA technology application so that transactions are processed quickly while ensuring information is kept confidential and safe.

3D Secure is an enhanced layer of protection for cardholders when transacting online by sending an additional one-time transaction password (OTP) via text message or email for customers to enter and complete the transaction. This layer of protection ensures that only the customer, as the cardholder, has the password to complete that transaction. Currently, compared to 3D Secure, EMV 3D Secure is improved, applying RBA technology (Risk-based Authentication risk management system) by relying on parameters such as customer payment behavior history. goods, equipment, transactions, card acceptance units... to determine the level of risk, thereby making a decision to allow customers to skip the authentication operation with the OTP authentication code, the transaction will still be processed. processed successfully. Accordingly, the transaction flow is seamless, processing time, faster transaction execution and higher security.

“In the near future, Eximbank will continue to invest in technology, with a combination of RBA technology and forms of authentication through biometrics (fingerprint, face ID, ...), thereby accelerating progress. The transaction process will help customers easily shop online anytime, anywhere, increasing the service experience with modern technology for customers while still ensuring safety and security" -Mr. Nguyen Hoang - Central Director mind Shared tag.

For more detailed information, please visit the website: or go to the nearest branch/transaction office. Customers can also contact the 24/7 multi-channel Customer Support Service Center: 1800 1199 (free calls).