Eximbank deploys new utilities on Mobile Banking

In order to continue to improve the quality of Mobile Banking services to meet the transaction needs of customers, from May 24, 2013 Eximbank deployed new Mobile Banking service utilities, in addition to the old utilities of services such as transferring money within and outside the system by account; open online savings; Top up your phone, pay all kinds of service bills, query information...customers using Eximbank's Mobile Banking service can use new convenient functions such as: Transfer money inside and outside the system via card number, credit statement payment; Open/lock domestic card account; Reissue transaction password to customers via Email; Create authentication passwords via Mobile Banking (OTP Mobile) for Internet Banking transactions.

Especially with 02 deployed utilities: password reset via Email and Mobile OTP, which are 02 utilities that Eximbank is the pioneer bank deploying in the market, it will help customers conveniently use as well as increase and Improve encryption and security capabilities for customers when using Eximbank's Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services.

In addition to the above utilities, Eximbank Mobile Banking service also provides many lines of applications compatible with today's popular phones and mobile devices such as Ipad, Iphone, Android phone, Android tablet; The phone uses the Java operating system to help customers conveniently and easily set up when registering to use Eximbank Mobile Banking service.

For further information, please contact Eximbank Customer Support Center via phone number 1900545474.”