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Eximbank deploys new utilities on Mobile Banking

Eximbank deploys new utilities on Mobile Banking In order to continue to increase convenience for customers using Eximbank Mobile Banking services, from September 15, 2011 Eximbank deployed a new version of Mobile Banking service with many features and utilities. outstanding. Specifically as follows:

Additional service utilities: besides the current utilities, the new version of Mobile Banking service adds other utilities such as:

- Open/close a savings account online.

- Transfer money outside the system, transfer to the recipient with ID card.

- Transfer money to Eximbank international card account

- View loan balance information and loan principal payments.

- View international card account balance.

- Unlock/lock international cards; Register for card issuance.

Service characteristics:

- Transactions on Mobile Banking are processed quickly via Internet connection (GPRS/Wifi/3G).

- Mobile Banking application is compatible with most popular phone lines on the market today such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson... that support Java or use Symbian operating systems , Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone…

- Customers register to use the service at the nearest Eximbank transaction point.

For more detailed information about the service, please visit the website or the Customer Support Center via phone number 1900.54.54.74.

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