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Eximbank deploys new features on nline banking

Eximbank officially deployed a number of features to help transactions take place safely and conveniently, contributing to improving customer experience in the era of digital transformation.

Currently, the 4.0 technology revolution has a significant impact on the economy in general and the banking and finance industry in particular. To attract potential customers as well as retain existing customers, banks need to focus on promoting the application of advanced technology in products and services, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of the industry. In the context of the economy restarting after a long period of epidemic prevention, Vietnamese businesses are familiar with non-cash payments, electronic payment services are more popular, leading to a number of The number of online banking transactions is increasing.

To meet the needs of online transactions and help businesses save time and costs, Eximbank deployed a number of additional convenient features on Online Banking. Accordingly, instead of having to go to the counter to submit documents with many steps in the traditional way, Eximbank's updated features on the digital platform allow businesses to proactively carry out procedures and complete necessary documents for customers. Transactions right on technology devices.

International money transfer online

The "Online international money transfer" feature meets a variety of customers' legal money transfer needs with a variety of foreign currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD, JPY, etc. To use, businesses need to register Sign up to use the service at any Eximbank transaction points throughout the system. With this feature, businesses can create foreign currency purchase orders, adjust foreign exchange rates, and reuse already made money transfer order templates. After the transaction is performed, customers can actively monitor the status of document processing easily from order creation to successful transaction. Transactions are maximally confidential with high safety. At the same time, the recipient will also receive money safely, accurately and quickly.

Online letter of credit (L/C online)

Online L/C service supports customers in making requests to issue L/C directly on Internet Banking, marking a new step for Eximbank in the roadmap to digitally transform trade finance activities. Eximbank's system will receive the request and process the customer's request to issue L/C and update the results online as soon as the transaction is successful. Eximbank staff will proactively contact customers to advise in case the online request is not appropriate. Online L/C service demonstrates Eximbank's continuous efforts in innovating quality products and services, shortening transaction times, and supporting businesses in the context of the epidemic.

Besides online L/C, Eximbank has also tested L/C issuance transactions on the blockchain platform to bring customers the best, fastest and absolutely secure experience.

“Currently, Eximbank is promoting the digital transformation process, focusing on simplifying complex processes and saving time and costs in transactions. Therefore, applying modern technology to products and services to simplify cumbersome procedures is reasonable and consistent with the trend that banks are focusing on. Eximbank hopes that the bank's new innovations will help businesses optimize costs, time as well as human resources to focus on business activities." – Eximbank representative shared.

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