Eximbank's announcement


Eximbank deploys Mobile Banking service fee collection

Eximbank respectfully announces that, from October 10, 2011, Eximbank will apply annual fees for customers who register for new Eximbank Mobile Banking services. As follows:

- New customers registering for Mobile Banking service (MB Maxi package) will be charged a fee of 30,000 VND/6 months/customer (VAT not included).

- Free service until December 31, 2011 for existing customers (registered before October 10, 2011).

- From January 1, 2011 Eximbank applies fees to all customers who register and use Eximbank Mobile Banking service.

Eximbank sincerely thanks you for using Eximbank's services in the past and continuing to support Eximbank in the future.

For detailed information, please contact the Customer Support Center via phone number 1900.54.54.74.

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